To help others succeed and deliver solutions for local and global challenges.

We incubate companies that make a difference in the world. 

We invest our profits in new ideas and philanthropy.


We believe in our work.

Our projects reflect our passion for education, technology, energy, and the environment.


We are a team of energetic, accountable, and optimistic individuals.

We are committed to working hard and having fun.


Uncompromising honesty, ethics, and fairness are at the heart of our company.



Our culture is inclusive and based on varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.



We strive for constant growth and learning.



We set high standards and push ourselves to continuously innovate and improve.



We are a motivated team that works towards stretch goals in a structured and systematic way.



We foster a culture of safety, teamwork, and trust.

It's all about the people.

We invest in our team members to ensure they thrive and succeed.


We value our partners.

Building strong and enduring relationships promotes mutual success.


We reflect on what we learn.

It's how we connect the dots and develop new ideas.

We champion a company culture that is in line with our neurobiology.



The human brain is most able to create and connect when we respect our fundamental needs.

Value the basics — get sleep, eat well, stay active, find time to reflect.



Healthy relationships provide the most effective opportunities for learning and growth.

We are interdependent. Your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors influence, and are influenced by, those around you.

Create a climate of trust and respect. Understand and respond to the needs of others.



Creativity, invention, and productivity are brain-mediated capabilities.

By promoting reflection and relationships, we maximize our capacity to learn, grow, and create.